The Best West Houston Cafes for Your Coffee Needs

holding a cup of coffee

Great days begin with a tasty cup of coffee. Our apartments in West Houston are conveniently located near some of the best coffee shops in town. These West Houston cafes are offering delivery and/or takeaway services. Enjoy a cup from the comfort of your apartment as you look out at Memorial Park, or stop by to pick up a to-go order. 

Pura Coffee

Pura Coffee is a minimalist coffee house offering delicious brews and freshly made pastries. If you are in the mood for a different beverage, there are plenty of non-coffee options to choose from. Stop by for a takeaway cup and taste the pureness of the beans. 

Wonderland Coffee

Wonderland is a hidden gem close to our apartments in West Houston. Choose from a variety of hot and cold beverages to satisfy any craving you have. Pick up a takeaway order without having to travel very far for a great drink. 

The Yellow Cup

The Yellow Cup focuses on quality. They source the best coffee beans and tea leaves to provide the highest grade of beverages possible. The cafe is located near Memorial Park just like our apartments. Take a morning walk through the green space to pick up your to-go coffee. 

Dolce and Cafe 

Dolce and Cafe is a great option for a coffee or a full meal. They offer takeaway and delivery services. If you are after more than just coffee, this is a great choice. You don’t even have to leave your West Houston apartment to enjoy it. 

All of these West Houston cafes serve delicious coffee and more. Have a cup delivered, or take a walk through Memorial Park to pick up your order at their location. For more information about our apartments and how you can move closer to these great coffee shops, contact us

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