Explore NASA through Virtual Tours

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If you’re a science buff, you’ve likely already seen most of the nature documentaries on Netflix. If you are looking for some new science media, NASA offers virtual tours and other compelling content on their YouTube channel. Some of our favorite virtual tours and exhibits that you can watch from our Houston apartments include:

Behind The Spacecraft: The Mars Perseverance Rover

This is a 10-segment tour of the Mars Perseverance Rover. The series includes short snippets from nine members of the team that are in charge of building and maintaining different parts of the rover. Each video discusses what the crew member’s responsibilities are and why they are important, as well as how they came to be working for NASA on this project.

International Space Station Tour

Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams shows you around the International Space Station in this virtual tour. The series includes four short videos, around 10 minutes long. These videos feature an amazing amount of technology and Ms. Williams presents the tour with a lot of humor, making it very entertaining to watch.

Armstrong Flight Research Center Tours

The Armstrong Flight Research Center media channel provides glimpses at NASA’s problem-solving and research. Video topics include developing new antenna technology, monitoring pilot breathing patterns, navigation technology, and a dozen more topics. Each video also discusses how each technology can be used in space travel and in other fields.

All of these NASA virtual tours go exceptionally well with pizza, so order a pie from a West Houston favorite. When you would like to learn more about all the features and amenities you can enjoy at 7 Square, contact us.

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