Great Spots to Enjoy the Outdoors in West Houston

a woman playing with her dog in a park.

Autumn is the best time to enjoy the outdoors and explore. We’ve listed a few of the best spots for outdoor recreation near West Houston apartments, all perfect for your next adventure.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is a popular destination with plenty of room for everyone. The park’s nature trails are currently open to the public and are an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as catch glimpses of wildlife. 

Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is a fantastic option for avid hikers and bikers. Check out the map for water bottle refilling stations, along with port-a-potties available to the public.

Herman Park

Herman Park is another great local spot. Not only can you hike and enjoy nature, but Herman also offers a walk through a Japanese garden, pedal boats, and more. Make sure to look up the updated hours for attractions within the park.

Lake Livingston

For the professional fishers at heart, Lake Livingston is a perfect choice. Their website details species of fish, their plentifulness, and size as well as weather conditions. Fish attractors have also been added to the water with their locations mapped for the public, ensuring a great catch every visit. 

Brazos Bend State Park

If you are new to fishing, don’t fret about getting a license until you’ve visited Brazos Bend State Park. No fishing license is required, and there are plenty of docks and piers to choose from. For more information about this wonderful Park, take a minute to watch their official informational video.

From outdoor recreation to virtual exhibits, you can enjoy almost any activity from our west Houston apartments. For more information about our apartments near Memorial Park, contact us today.

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