Check Out The Houston Zoo’s Virtual Exhibits!

live animal cam

The Houston Zoo is the second-most visited zoo in the United States and is home to over six thousand resident animals. Its mission is to protect the natural habitat of each of the species in its care. Now you can enjoy the zoo experience from the comfort of your Houston apartment through a live animal cam. 

Elephant Cam

Between 10:30 am and 4 pm, catch a glimpse of Asian elephants playing outside in their yard. A new baby elephant was born on May 13th, so you might be able to see him too. You can even learn all about the story of his birth. The zoo also promotes conservation efforts for Asian elephants in the wild. You can learn more about the zoo’s work with Asian elephants, as well as interesting facts about the species.

Gorilla Cam

Spend some time in the gorilla habitat, where you’ll be able to see western lowland gorillas eating and playing with each other. This species is native to Africa, but all of the zoo’s gorillas were born and raised in other American zoos. The outdoor habitat is expansive, so they may not always be visible on the animal cam. Read about the zoo’s conservation efforts to protect these gorillas in the wild while you watch them on the webcam.

Leafcutter Ant Cam

Watch leafcutter ants hard at work in their exhibit. Don’t be fooled by these little insects—they are actually incredibly strong. They have been known to carry over twenty times their own body weight and saw through even the toughest leaves with their powerful jaws. On this live animal cam you’ll be able to see how they work with startling efficiency.

The zoo takes amazing care of its resident animals, as well as supporting conservation efforts worldwide, even while its doors are closed. You can support the zoo’s efforts by donating to their emergency zoo fund.

For a relaxing afternoon in your Houston apartment, order some takeout and put on one of these live animal cams. For more information about our community, contact us today.

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