Enjoy Online Resources from the Houston Public Library

woman on laptop accessing online resources from the Houston Public Library

The Houston Public Library aims to engage the local community beyond the world of books. Offering fun and educational resources online, the Houston Public Library keeps you entertained in our Houston apartments for hours. Our favorite online resources from the Houston Public Library include:

Digital Books and Streaming

After revamping their website, the library accommodates virtual services more than ever. Visit their Download & Stream page to see their different platforms for e-books audiobooks. Apps like OverDrive and Hoopla will deliver your rentals while Kanopy and Freegal memberships give you access to music, movies, and TV straight to your devices.

Virtual Tours

If you miss the in-person experience of visiting the library, you’re in luck. The Houston Public Library offers virtual tours of several of its locations. You’ll be able to virtually explore the expansive buildings of the Kashmere and Flores Neighborhood Libraries. You can also stroll through the TECHLink in Dixon and the African American Library at Gregory School. This is a great way to get familiar with the locations you haven’t visited yet.

Online and DIY Learning

The Houston Public Library offers dedicated web pages to online learning and DIY learning services. In online learning, you’ll find cardholder-exclusive resources like Gale Courses where you can spruce up your professional skills. The page also links to public tools like Khan Academy and Duolingo. The DIY page will show you services like the Hobby & Craft Center that will keep you entertained and keep your home filled with new creations.

The Houston Public Library is full of educational resources, but you can find even more online fun through the University of Houston’s online course list. To join our Houston apartments near Memorial Park, contact us to schedule a tour.

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