Tune Into These Houston-Based Podcasts

A man listening to a Houston podcast through wireless headphones.

While spending time in our Houston apartments, you may be looking for some new options to entertain you. Podcasts are gaining popularity as they allow the listener to multitask. You can listen to Houston-based podcasts while you go for your morning run or wash the dishes. Our favorite podcasts based right here in Houston include:

Encore Houston

If you fancy yourself a music connoisseur, Encore Houston is the podcast for you. Each episode features a concert recording, introduced by the host, Joshua Zinn. The music featured in these performances varies. Episodes feature presentations from the Houston Jazz Collective, the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, and the St. Cecilia Chamber Music Society, among others. Mr. Zinn presents like an old-school radio DJ, his enthusiasm for the music is evident in every show and makes the concerts even better. The wide range of musical features means there are plenty of opportunities to explore genres and find new favorites.

Houston, We Have A Podcast

If you love science, the NASA podcast, Houston We Have A Podcast, is fascinating. Featuring interviews with NASA employees, scientists, and engineers, each episode describes how these brilliant minds take on problems in space. The episode entitled “Drive Like A Martian” discusses the history of tires in space and the more current problem of designing a tire that will function on Mars. On the surface, it seems like a simple problem, but when you consider that gravity, atmospheric pressure, and lack of air all affect how the tire works, you’ll quickly realize that a simple tire is actually an interesting puzzle. You will be amazed by how these scientists tackle the problem. This podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Clueston: True Crime in Houston, Texas

If you love true crime, Clueston: True Crime in Houston might be just the podcast for you. This podcast focuses on cases right in the Houston area. The two hosts go over the details of each case, the evidence found, and the outcome of the related court cases. This podcast is perfect for anyone who enjoys the dark, scary, and macabre.

While you listen to these Houston-based podcasts, curl up with a cup of tea from a local cafe. If you are looking for apartments near Memorial Park, contact us. We’d love to show you our pet-friendly floor plans.

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